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Essay on good governance | Causes of Bad Governance and Suggestions

Essay on good governance Causes of Bad Governance and Suggestions, Key attributes of good governance

Today we have selected the topic of good governance and make its four parts which are precise mention in table below which are attributes of governed along with how excellent governed linked the human rights and in the last part two segments that are causes of bad governance and suggestion to improve good governance. This essay good governance is very important of all kinds of high standard exams. Here under is the table which will help you to prepare good governance essay

Key attributes of good governanceHow are good governance and human rights linked?Causes of Bad GovernanceSuggestions
TransparencyRule of lawAbsence of rule of lawDemocratic process should be fair
AccountabilityService deliveryLack of accountabilityCheck & balance on politicians
ResponsivenessAnti-corruptionRelentless corruptionIndependence of judiciary
ParticipationDemocratic institutionsIncompetent politiciansAmendement
 check & balanceStrenghten democracy

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